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Once you start reading this, you can turn back whenever you want.
This whole thing is a joke, so you can stop reading if you want to.

One day, Susie Mcboosie was surfing the internet. She was just looking at her favorite pages when all of a sudden someone came into the room... And put a spider on her head!  She was terrified and started screaming her head off, while the other guy made dis face:icontrollfaceplz:then Susie went to the toilet and dunked her head in. The spider fell of her head and drowned. So she got back on the computer after flushing the toilet. Then she saw that a different page popped up, and she was confused since she didn’t click on any link whatsoever. Then she saw what the tab had on it: a giant picture of spongebob square pants... WITHOUT HIS PANTS OR UNDERWEAR. All of the sudden, her eyeballs exploded. Then they came back together. Then she looked at it again and her eyeballs exploded AGAIN. Then they came back together. She looked at the screen... Well, you get the point. After her eyeballs exploded 145468787957587578645 times, she tried to close the tab, but nothing happened. She kept pressing the X to close it, but instead the tab turned to full size. Her eyeballs exploded again. Then they came back together and she looked at the screen again. Then her eyeballs exploded... Well, you know the story. After her eyeballs exploded2563434757767867863322687998676635423467587688 Times, the screen of the tab turned completely black. It wasn’t only the tab screen that turned black, all the button and everything else on her screen did the same. Even her mouse disappeared off the screen.  Then a loud crack of thunder spit the air. Then the power wnt out. Then a hole appeared in the roof right above her, and her eyes came back. But she got soaking wet. Then the house started spinning around and around. Susie passed out. When she woke up, the sun was shining, and the birds were singing cheerfully. She went outside the house to find that two little legs with red sneakers on their feet were sticking out from under the house. Since she was barefoot, she put on the sneakers. Then she walked away from the house to explore. All of the sudden, a fairy appeared. She pointed to a yellow sidewalk up ahead and told her to follow it. So she did. On the way, she met a scarecrow that had no brain. Since it had no brain, it couldn't talk or do anything, so she passed him. And after another mile or so, she saw a tin man. Since he didn't have a heart, he couldn't move or fo anything, so she walked by. Then she came to a scary woods. She walked through the woods. big mistake, Susie. out of nowhere, a giant lion came out and ate her. And that was the tragic end of Susie Mcboosie. 
Copy and paste this message 15 other plz accounts in less than 2 hours or you shall have the same fate as Susie did…
Im just kidding. You can copy and paste it for fun, just to share some laughs if you want!

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